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Brand New!

American Tower 6' top and middle sections, rotor plate & tilt base

Tower sections and rotor plate have been sold!   Tilt base still available!

AME 25-6T 6' Top Section  -  AME 25 6' Mid-Section  -  AME 25 Rotor Shelf

Brand new from DX Engineering this spring - Never used

Comes with all hardware - Same as Rohn 25G

Package only for these 3 items - $200 Firm- Sold!

AME Hinged Tilt-Plate  -  Same as Rohn 25G

Brand new from DX Engineering this spring  -  Never used

New $189.95  Sell for $135 Plus shipping


40 meter Top-Loaded Vertical

Hustler BTV Base Section and Spider Hub

Stainless steel gear clamps and mounting hardware


I built the Top-Loaded vertical antenna from an article in QST. See my "Antenna's" page on this site for a full description. Built entirely with new DX Engineering aluminum tubing. Has a 40" capacity hat that is built using new Hustler BTV spider hub and hardware. Includes a new Hustler BTV antenna base that has been modified for this antenna.





40 Meter Top-Loaded Vertical (w/ base, reducing sleeve, top hat and SS clamps

$125 + shipping




MGS 25' Push-up Mast (MK-4-HD) w/ 40/80 meter linear-loaded inverted-V

I built this antenna a few years back and it has worked well for me. Based on the design of KG0ZZ. Full size performance on 75 but only the size of a normal 40 meter inverted-v. Loading coils are wound on 1-1/2" PVC with SS connections. Covered the coils with shrink tubing to protect the coils. Can be seen on my "Antennas" page on this site.




Mast new is $150 - Sell with antenna for $115 (plus shipping)


Array Solutions "Two-Pak Plus Antenna Switch

Bias-T permits control voltage to be carried via the coax. Ad a small 12VDC wall-wart and 2-position switch.

( https://www.arraysolutions.com/antennas-switching/twopak-plus-so )


$450 new - Sell for $375 shipped



Hammond Polyester Hinged Cover Enclosure (PJ14126H)

Brand new in the box Hammond Enclosure

Measures 14" tall - 12" wide and 6" deep - includes all original hardware (New these are $103)  Great for outside matching networks!

$65 plus shipping



Assorted Rohn Turnbuckles

Assorted sizes available

First set of 4 are 11"long X 1/2-13 and extend to 19"

Second set of 2 are 8" lond X 1/2-13 and extend to 19"

Third set of 2 are 7" long X 1/4-20 and extend to 13"

Fourth turnbuckle is 8" long X 3/8-16 and extends to 18"

Last is 9" long X 5/16-18 and extends to 9"

First set of 4 - $30

Second set of 2 - $15

Last threee items are $10

Buy all for $45



QST Magazines 1980 thru 2001 inclusive

I have full years of QST Magazine from 1980 thru 2001
They have been stored indoors, flat, and in boxes in a dry enviorment and its now time to let them go
Picked up in the Rochester, NY area or I can deliver within 75 mi. of here on the NYS Thruway for some gas money


QST Magazines 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,17 & 18

Stored indoors, flat and in a dry enviorment
Picked up in the Rochester, NY area or I can deliver within 75 mi. of here on the NYS Thruway for some gas money


All 35 years (above) for $30