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Minimal but effective!

Icom IC-7200, PS-125, W2IHY 8-Band EQ & EQplus, Heil HM-12 on a Heil boom, Kent Iambic

High-Sierra HS-1500 screwdriver antenna and a West Mountain Target Tuner.

Recently, I added a homebrew OCF dipole in the attic crawlspace for 40,20 & 10 meters as a back up, in case the HOA police make me take down the screwdriver. I used KK1CW's design (29% / 71%) and I feed it thru a Balun Designs 4116 ocf hybrid balun (4:1 impedance match & 1:1 choke balun all in one) Works nicely for the bands intended.

See the Balun Designs website: www.balundesigns.com/support-downloads/  for KK1CW's Excel file


The High-Sierra mounted on the screened lanai and bonded to the aluminum structure of the lanai

and all aluminum house guttering. I also have two 1/4 wave radials each for 40 - 10 meters on the roof.