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It all started here!

As a 15 year old teenager, I received my Novice license in December of 1964. I was issued WN2QUR. Within a few weeks, that call was recalled and I was issued WN2RCB.The picture shown here was taken in April of 1965 and shows that I had made plenty of cw contacts as indicated by the qsl's on the shack wall.

My modest station was comprised of a Knight-Kit T-60 transmitter, a National NC-155 receiver, a National NTS-1B speaker, a Knight-Kit P-2 SWR meter and a Johnson Speed-X key. Antennas back then were 40 and 80 meter dipoles at 20' fed with 75 ohm coax.




As you can see in this picture, there is an Electro-Voice 727SR microphone on the desk. That's because I passed my General exam at the Rochester Hamfest in May of 1965!. So with that being said, I replaced the Knight-Kit T-60 with a Hallicrafters HT-46 transmitter and added an Ameco PCL-P preamp. I was now on the air with SSB capabilities.



Here we are on the roof after a successful deployment of the Hy-Gain TH3MKII tribander. My dad was instrumental in the building of the mast and guying arrangement and was also responsible for routing the feedlines and rotor cable through the attic of the house into my bedroom where the shack was. While the beam was only up about 25', it enabled me to work the world!



While the picture has a lot to be desired, you can see that I had added a Hallicrafters SX-146 receiver and a R-51 clock speaker to the station. Along with those items, I added the optional HA-16 VOX unit that allowed for a much smoother operation. On the wall was my Shortwave Monitor Certificate (WPE2LUP) my newly received ARRL WAS certificate and a certificate from our local radio club (RARA) recognizing my first place standing in the group for phone operations in the 1968 ARRL Sweepstakes.



More new stuff on the desk! Bought a new Kenwood TS-520, SP-520 speaker, Icom 22S, Heathkit HD-1410 keyer and HM-15 SWR meter. Also added a Vista VI-X PS and a Murch UT-2000A transmatch



Finally married and into a new house with a separate room for the shack. Out in the back yard is a Rohn FK2558 fold-over tower that holds the Hy-Gain TH3MKII that I moved from the previous QTH. New additions to the shack were a Kenwood TS-440SAT, SP-430 speaker, SW-200 SWR meter and a PS-430 PS. I built the Heathkit SB-1000 amp and the SA-1480 antenna selector switch which made antenna selections a breeze. Also built a SPC transmatch from plans in the 1986 Handbook. I have more pics and description on my "Projects" page. Updated the rotor for the beam to a Hy-Gain Ham-IV



Guess what, more new stuff! Added a Icom IC-746PRO, IC-706MKIIG, PS-125 PS and SP-23 speaker along with a K1EL keyboard keyer. During this overhaul I attempted some wodwoorking and built a radio shelf out of oak.



This pic was taken just prior to the 2007 Sraight Key Night. As you may have noticed, this is the equipment I used as a Novice back in 1965. Brought it out of storage and refurbished everything and had a ball on the SKN. It was fun reworking everything and bringing it back to life for the SKN. A few years later I sold the gear all but the Johnson Speed-X key which my dad bought for me in 1965. I still have it today!



Added an Icom IC-7600, LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter and a Astron RS-50M DC Supply



Not many changes here other than another attempt at woodworking. Did add the W2IHY 8-band EQ and EQplus along with a Heil HM-12 mic on a Heil boom and a Kent Iambic



Well, here we have the current station in NY. I did sell the IC-746PRO and put a Palstar AT2K transmatch in its place. This shack is in our new house and still using the desktop I had made years ago along with the radio shelf I built a few years back.